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Born and raised in Orlando, Fl, Ericka McIntosh, better known as Star set forth her journey as an entrepreneur very early. She  started as a hair braider at the age of 8 years old, then became a full hair stylist by age 14. After years of being a stylist, her love for hair lead her to begin selling hair in 2016 and she opened her first beauty bar in 2016 which she named La'Encore®. By 2018 La'Encore® became a full brand offering apparel, slides, and more. By 2019 she begin working on her own credit which lead her refinance her car, obtain cheaper car insurance, and ultimately buy her home at the age of 24 years old. Her passion grew to help others obtain financial freedom and what took her years to learn became easily accessible and affordable service for her clients. As the CEO and founder of The Millionaire Table ™,  a licensed Florida REALTOR, her clients have been able to buy homes, new cars, obtain loans, high limit credit cards and more! She has released ebooks and guides on things like how to remove inquires, homebuying, business credit and more. She also teach courses on credit repair, business credit, Airbnb and many others!  Ericka is a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent and ready to help buyers, sellers, and investors. Standing by her motto "Trusted and Transparent" she strives to over deliver an excellent experience and exceed clients, students, and customers expectations!

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